Voices for Women

Voices for Women is a free, community based, service for women (women identified) who have experienced sexual violence. Sexual and domestic assaults are violent crimes that are rooted in power and control. By providing victims and survivors with unconditional support and by holding the assailant/abuser responsible for the violent behaviour, we empower clients in recognizing their own self-worth.

Only then can they begin the process of healing.

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If you looking for services in French, please contact Centre Victoria 705-670-2517 or visit www.centrevictoria.ca


You Are Not Alone

It is our hope that this site will support you, in some way, throughout your healing journey. The events that have touched your life are emotional, and can be confusing and painful. You may feel very isolated and alone but there are agencies and organizations ready and able to help you. Make an initial contact. We will not judge you and your information will remain confidential.

Remember, You are not Alone!

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Schedule of Events & Sessions

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24/7 Helplines

Sudbury Crisis Service: 1 877.841.1101
Talk 4 Healing: 1 855.554.HEAL
Assaulted Women’s Helpline: 1 866.863.0511
Ligne Fem’aide: 1 877.336.2433
ATS: 1 866.860.7082


Voices For Women holds weekly events for all comers. Check out our Event Calendar for more details on these events.


Looking to help our cause? In addition to monetary donations we also accept items on our wishlist

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96 Larch Street, Suite 305
Sudbury, ON P3E 1C1
Telephone: 1 705.671.5495
E-mail: VFW@hsnsudbury.ca