Programs & Services

Sexual and domestic assault are violent crimes that are rooted in power and control. By providing victims and survivors with unconditional support and by holding the assailant/abuser responsible for the violent behaviour, we empower clients in recognizing their own self-worth. In sexual assault and domestic-violence situations, personal control and self-determination are taken away, so it is critical that clients reclaim their autonomy by making decisions about their own care. Only then can they begin the process of healing.

Individual Counselling

One on one counseling with a social worker specializing in trauma recovery from sexual violence.

Group Counselling (Therapeutic Groups)

Trauma related counselling, provided in a group format. 16 weeks in length covering a range of topics as decided by the group. This is a closed group.

The Basics of Healing Workshops

The Voices for Women Sexual Assault Centre offers six (6-8) healing workshops on a monthly basis. These workshops are educational and informative. No one has to share their stories or personal information. This is a closed group.

Workshop #1
Breathe Work
Grounding Techniques
Myths of Sexual Assault

Workshop #2
Trauma and the Brain, Mind, and Body

Workshop #3
Rainbow of Emotion and Why We Need to Feel
Feelings of Safety

Workshop #4
Holistic Healing
Nutrition and its Healing Power

Workshop #5
Fear and Love
Resistance, Resiliency, and Spirituality

Workshop #6
Bringing it all together with Self-Compassion

Come and Go Socials (Transitional Groups)

This group is for women who have successfully completed the program, but still need support. The social gatherings are led by the women themselves and have the objective to bring women together in a safe and inclusive space where they can be amongst other women who understand them.

Safety Planning

In cases where the client fears for their safety, staff will ensure to provide the client with safety tips and connect them with other community services as needed.

Form / Documentation Completion

Voices for Women staff will assist with form and documentation completion, such as: criminal injury compensation forms.


Clients who require support throughout the course of their journey will be able to request accompaniment to court, hospital, police station, doctor appointments, etc., if relating to sexual violence.

Public Education and Training

The Voices for Women Sexual Assault Centre provides workshops, presentations and training to the community and its clients.

Community Outreach

The Voices for Women Sexual Assault Centre is an active member the Aboriginal Women's Collaborative Working Group, International Women's Week Committee, the Sudbury Coalition to End Violence Against Women and Co-chair of the Take Back the Night Committee.

Access to Resource Library

Clients may utilize the Voices for Women resource room at any time during regular hours. The resource room is equipped with a computer and access to the internet, telephone and a library in which clients can sign out books.